2020: Starting With A Clean Sheet

Jan 5, 2020

Happy New Year, everybody!! 2019 has gone by so freaking fast. It felt like the shortest year so far. It felt like a 6-month-year if there is such thing haha! I'm pretty sure you know what I'm trying to say.

It's a weird year because somehow I was living my best life and my worst life at the same time but one thing is for sure, I learned a LOT of lessons this past year and definitely more lessons to learn this year. Some things I'm ready to let go but for some, I have yet to convince myself how to do so. I've met new people, some stayed, some just passed by, and taught me lessons about things that made me feel like I am stuck in a time loop until I learn how to change them.

2019 fucked me up big time. It has given me a lot of things that led me into my worst mental state yet I am so grateful for the people that have helped me find my balance back, the people who were there to listen and to tell me things I needed to hear and not the things that I wanted to hear. I learned that self-love is not selfish and that you have to do you first in order for you to be actually there for someone else. I learned that things should not be forced,  if it's meant for you it will be.

In order to grow, sometimes it has to be messy, uncomfortable, and full of feelings you wouldn't expect but it's necessary. This 2020 is going to be amazing! Let's all be healthy, wealthy, and wise. It will be about good vibes, bigger goals, and more happiness, less pain, less stress, stronger relationships, and being more focused than ever. It's a new year and a start of a new decade so if the past years did not go well for you, always remember that you can always start with a clean sheet ❤️

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