Feb 13, 2019

LES MILLS CXWORX 101: Key Moves and Why You Should Try It

CXWORX 101: Key Moves and Why You Should Try It

"CX what?" That's what I exactly said when I first heard of CXWORX. Don't worry about the name, worry about how you'll survive a 30-minute intense core workout. Yup, it's a freakin' core workout that will make you curse under your breath until the minute it's over. Haha!

I'm no fitness expert, in fact, I'm far from it but I love telling people to try the things that I do at the gym *cough Les Mills Body Combat* and see their reactions after doing it and I love it even more if they get hooked. I remember taking my sister to a combat class, her face after the class was priceless and she's like "Girl, that was torture." Hahaha

Jan 14, 2019

Review & Giveaway: Luxxe Zkin Revitalizing Kit

Review: Luxxe Zkin Revitalizing Kit, Overrated Friday
Luxxe Zkin Revitalizing Kit - Php 265

I've been using Luxxe Zkin Revitalizing products for about a month now and thought it's about time to write a review. I decided not to use it until Food Crawl was over. I've used revitalizing products before - redness and peeling are expected and the last thing I want to happen is to burn my face from too much sun exposure and walking around with my skin peeling.

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