Sinulog 2018: Experience the madness of Plus Six Three Music & Arts Festival

Jan 14, 2018
Plus Six Three Music & Arts Festival , Sinulog 2018

Cebu, Philippines. A week from now, Plus Six Three Music & Arts Festival will bring Cebuanos and millions of tourists another world-class entertainment. For us EDM fans, it's a place to be to get that full-on Sinulog weekend. I've been to Plus Six Three for the past two years and I'm definitely coming this year.

In 2016, Plus Size Three brought Steve Angello (formerly of the Swedish House Mafia - "Don't you worry, don't you worry, child" ring a bell, yeah?)

Plus Six Three Music & Arts Festival , Sinulog 2018
Steve Angello at Plus Six Three in 2016. Perks of getting a VIP ticket - the best spot for people who love taking photos.

I have always wanted to go to Tomorrowland but apparently, it would cost me two arms, two legs, my kidneys, and other internal organs. You name it! haha Well, thanks to Plus Six Three Festival for bringing some of the world's top DJs in Cebu. It just keeps getting better and better.

Plus Six Three Music & Arts Festival , Sinulog 2018
Steve Aoki at Plus Six Three 2017 and yas! I was this close!

Plus Six Three Music & Arts Festival , Sinulog 2018
Who wants to get caked? Raise your hands up!

In its second year, Plus Six Three brought Steve Aoki - World's Top 9 DJ as of 2017. Aoki brought the house down with his famous "caking". For those who are not familiar, he's known for throwing cake to the audience during his shows. Way safer than what he used to do - stage diving. Last year was definitely CA-RAY-ZAY!

I just wanna share. I saw Steve at the beginning of 2017 at the Plus Six Three Festival and guess what? I bumped into him in December 2017 at Hong Kong Airport. The guy was carrying his tray while strolling around the food court looking for a vacant seat. I was too SHOOKT to even snap a photo and didn't realize I was already shouting "Steeeeeeeeeve!" The people were already staring at me like I'm a madwoman hahaha. Well, who cares. He looked back and smiled. *Ovaries explosion!*

Plus Six Three Music & Arts Festival , Sinulog 2018

In its third year, Plus Six Three is bringing Showtek (The Dutch duo ranked top 17 in the Top DJ List of 2014) to Cebu alongside local talents Mark Marasigan, XFactor, Gino V, and Victor Pring for another mind-blowing energy-pumping Sinulog weekend. Booyah!

Photo grabbed from Plus Six Three's official Facebook account

Have you bought your tickets yet? Grab your friends, get your tickets and a good pair of shoes. The pre-sale price ends on January 18. Visit SM Tickets or contact any  Plus Six Three official promoters.

See y'all there!

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