Caffe Sam

Oct 1, 2017
Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu
Aside from always being on the hunt for new restaurants to try, I also spend most of my weekdays at different coffee shops lately. And oh! Let me tell you this! I've officially become a full-time digital nomad and I love every minute of it! That explains why I'm always at cafes around Mandaue. If you're like me who likes to work in coffee shops or just want to go out of the house once in a while, you can add this newly opened cafe on your list to sit down and work on stuff. Caffe Sam just opened last August and I'm telling you, there's a lot of "a must try" food on their menu.

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu Cheesecake

This tiny teeny Ube Langka Cheesecake is something you wouldn't normally find in most coffee shops. I think I ate 90% of this! I love cheesecakes.

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu
Brownie Stack

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu
Hawaiian Melt. I'm not good with bread names but the ones that they used for this is just soooo delish!
In addition to coffee and cakes, they also have a lot more on their menu - From salads to Ice Creams, Chicken Barbeque, Cheese Burger, Milk Tea, Smoothies, Shakes, Sandwiches and they even have fries. Now that's a lot! Credits to Caffe Sam's Chef/Manager Angel. Just so you know, she used to work as a chef at Movenpick Hotel in Mactan. 

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu
Kids pleaser, the Gum Soda. Kids will surely love this because I did and I was once a kid ☺
Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu
Wanted to take one of these couch home with me.
Whenever I go out to work or simply chill, I always consider few things before choosing a place. First is the wifi speed, I wouldn't go to a place if the wifi speed is as slow as turtle going on a stroll. Ambient noise is also important - people will play music or kids shouting at the top of their lungs. I like it better if the place is less noisy. Lastly is the chair. Yes, the chair! Hahaha I have to sit comfortably, I mean, who wouldn't want to sit comfortably while chilling' or working or whatever.

By the way, Caffe Sam's pretty furniture was made by my friend, Mel. YayGood job, Mel! If you're thinking of replacing your furniture, I'll put her contact details down below. I think they customize too.

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu

Caffe Sam Liloan Cebu
Meet the owners and of course baby Sam right in the middle
Caffe Sam is located at Gaisano Grand Mall Liloan (just across Wondernails) and opens from 9am-9pm. And as promised, here are my friend, Mel's contact details if you want to inquire about getting new furniture:

MJP Constructor & General Services
Contact Number: +639329144075

Have you been to Caffe Same already? Let me know what you think once you get to visit and say Hi to baby Sam for me ☺

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