There's Nothing A Massage Can't Fix

Jun 2, 2017

thai boran, massage, aromatherpy, stone massage, cebu massage

I've been suffering from low back pain lately. I normally experience this on or few days before period but I've been experiencing it more often for the past few days. I'm not sure if it's because of lifting too much weight at Body Pump class or because of prolonged sitting at work. If I could, I would get a massage very single day just to feel better.

I love getting massage ever since I was in college. My cousin, Jay would take me to the old Thewi Thai near Fuente Circle to get a back massage for mere 30 minutes. Just 30 minutes because she would just sneak out at work hahaha! These days, I get a massage often to recover from hard days at the gym or during times I couldn't get a proper sleep. There's nothing a massage can't fix for me. I'm addicted to it, I swear!

thai boran, massage, aromatherpy, stone massage, cebu massage

I consider myself lucky because my place is very accessible, near to laundry shops, salons, shopping malls and of course, massage parlors - I counted three few buildings away from my place.

Last Saturday, I tried another few minutes away Thai Boran's Aromatherapy Massage - the only branch that offers Aromatherapy, stone massage and hot oil massage located at A.S Fortuna, just a building apart from Oakridge. So far the largest Thai Boran branch that I have been to, it's two stories with 18 single massage beds, 6 couple beds, 6 foot chairs and even has a barkada room good for three.

I arrived few minutes past 1 pm, the sun's hot as fire and I was sweating all over. We were scheduled at 1 pm but waited for the other bloggers to arrive so we could tour around together. I immediately closed my eyes the moment I laid on the massage bed, getting ready to count sheep. I always end up sleeping every time I'm getting a massage and I know I'm not they only one. I mean, an hour and a half aromatherapy massage? come on, who couldn't sleep with that?!

thai boran, massage, aromatherpy, stone massage, cebu massage

thai boran, massage, aromatherpy, stone massage, cebu massage
Owner Jenny Sison (middle) with her attendants

Thai Boran's lovely owner, Jenny Sison said the branch opened October 2016. I pass by there almost every day on my way to the gym but haven't tried getting a massage until last Saturday. I'm surely coming back and will get oil massage on my next visit. If you're around the area, you should definitely go. They offer a great deal of combo packages too☺

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