Travel Philippines With Philippine Airlines

Mar 12, 2017
Travel Philippines With Philippine Airlines,  PHILIPPINE AIRLINES (PAL) 8 NEW DOMESTIC ROUTES

It's been a while since I went on a trip and you have no idea how much my feet are itching to go somewhere this summer. I've been daydreaming of waking up to a beautiful sunset at the beach - I'm a sucker for beautiful sunsets & sunrise. Sad to say I can't take a leave at work since I'm just new and apparently I am not yet eligible for vacation leaves, not until mid-May.

I have a lot of places to visit on my list already, it's just that I don't have the luxury of time and it would cost me my flabby arms and legs to visit all those places. Another thing is that I'm currently based in Cebu and not all travel destinations are accessible from here. Oftentimes, I had to travel to Manila then take another flight to reach my destination because there might not a direct from Cebu to that area.

Having that said, I'm really happy and excited the same time upon hearing  Philippine Airlines' (PAL) 8 new domestic  routes. Four of which is coming from Cebu and four more from Clark. The goal is to allow travelers to reach their destinations without the need to transit in Manila.


  • Clark to Cebu started on January 30, 2017, departing Clark 7:00 AM. Flights will increase to daily on March 26.
  • Clark to Davao flight began February 1, leaving Clark 10:50 AM. Flights will increase to daily on March 26.
  • Clark to Puerto Princessa service starts March 26 departing Clark at 10:50 AM three times weekly.
  • Clark to Coron (Busuanga) will fly daily using the 56-seater Q300 plane starting March 26. 
  • Cebu to Puerto Princessa flights will be four times a week
  • Cebu to General Santos three times a week
  • Cebu to Surigao three times a week
  • Cebu to Coron (Busuanga) flights are daily
All four new flights out of Cebu will begin on March 26, 2017.Flights to General Santos and Puerto Princessa will use the 156-seater 1320 aircraft. Flights to Surigao will use 76-seater Q400 while those to Coron will use the Q300.

Quick trivia: The flag carrier operated it's first Manila-Cebu flight back in 1946 after World War II. They used to operate missionary flights to link the islands and help spur economic development in the countryside.

OMG! They heard me! Thank you so much Philippine Airlines for making our lives less hassle and inexpensive.

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