Nov 26, 2016

There's Always A First Time

Mcdonald's Philippines Family Funday
Last month I took my niece, Chesca to her very first Halloween event without her parents around. I was afraid she wouldn't like it or she'll throw tantrums and get scared to people wearing costumes, but, she ended up having so much fun. Thanks to Mc Donald's!

Nov 8, 2016

On My Radar: Mactan Newtown Beach

Mactan Newtown Beach
I've been thinking a lot about going to beach lately. I couldn't help it, I was stuck in the desert for two months. Dubai has many beaches, but dang! The weather during summer makes you want to lock yourself inside a giant fridge. I couldn't stand the very hot, dry and humid weather. I am so glad  to be back in Cebu sooner than I expected.

Nov 2, 2016

Converse Counter Climate Collection - Fall/Winter 2016

Converse Counter Climate Collection - Fall/Winter 2016
Launching this Fall/Winter 2016, Chuck II leads Converse Footwear against the wet weather with canvas, leather and rubber
If you are a shoe lover like me, you should have at least a pair of stylish sneakers in your closet. Sneakers are my go-to shoes because they're comfortable, easy to put on and I can wear sneakers with different outfits - I wear mine with a dress, shorts, jeans, skirt or leggings. Sneakers are ridiculously comfortable, but I just have one concern  when it comes to wearing sneakers on rainy days. I hate it when my shoes get soaked in water every time it rains and obviously there are places that get flooded easily here in Cebu. *Cough A.S Fortuna*

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