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Apr 21, 2016
iflix philippines

I rarely go out on my rest days(CHAR! haha) hence I spend my days off at home, binge-watching sci-fi movies, TV series, etc. I just don't want it, I need it to keep me sane before going back to work. Lucky me, there's iflix!

iflix is Southeast Asia's leading internet TV service, offering subscribers unlimited access to tens of thousands of hours of entertainment for a low monthly price of PHP 129 without ads. Just go to to register. New subscribers get a 30-day trial with full access to all of iflix's world-class features and content without having to submit credit card or payment details. Amazeballs!

Here are the reasons why you should download and sign-up to iflix now (aside from the 30-day trial):
  • Unlimited access to iflix's vast library of tens of thousands of hours of top quality Western, Asian and Local content;
  • Access to iflix on up to 5 devices of your choice, whether phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, connected TV or other connected device;
  • Share iflix subscription and simultaneously watch different content on two different devices at the same time for each subscription;
  • Download & Watch Offline feature which allows iflix subscribers to download and enjoy the content of their choosing without a wifi connection.
iflix philippines
At iflix's launching in Cebu at The Henrys. Please don't judge my eyebrows, I've had a rough day LOL
iflix is currently available in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines only but will continue to roll out to additional Southeast Asian countries in the coming months.Something to look forward to! I love iflix and it's on my must-have app list. I could access it on my ipad, my phone and on my laptop and the best part of it is that I could access it anytime, anywhere with its download & watch offline feature.

And because I love iflix so much and I'm feeling extra generous today, I'll be giving away two iflix vouchers and let you enjoy 1 year access to thousands of TV shows and movies on iflix. How does that sound?

If you'd like to try your luck, here's how you can win:

  1. Download iflix on your mobile phone or sign up at
  2. Post the a screenshot of your iflix app here and use hashtags #iflixspotscebu and #CBSforever

2 winners will be picked tonight at 8:00 PM! Ready, set, download!!

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