On My Radar: Celosia Flower Farm

Nov 1, 2015

Celosia Flower Farm Cebu
You've probably seen some posts of a flower farm flooding your facebook and instagram feed. So where is this picturesque flower field everyone's talking about? In Tuscany? Netherlands? France? Nah! It's in Brgy.Sirao, Cebu. I've been living in Cebu half of my life, but I didn't know a place like this even exist in the highlands. It's a very quiet place away from the urban hustle bustle.
Met up with my friend, Ana on our rest day and headed to the flower farm around 2:30 pm. It's scorching hot, but still crowds of people flocked to visit the flower field. Imagine a bumper to bumper traffic in Busay - I'm not exaggerating.
Celosia Flower Farm Cebu
TRIVIA: Celosia was formally declared as the official Sinulog Flower by the Cebu City government in 2011 based on the colors of the cape of the Señor Sto. Niño.
Celosia Flower Farm Cebu
Instagram-worthy. I'm gonna post more photos to tempt you guys to go :)
P.S. Please don't judge my photo editing skills, I'm working on it.
Celosia Flower Farm Cebu
One happy kid right here! Waddup Ana? wanna build a snowman? 
Celosia Flower Farm Cebu
That awkward hand gesture.
Celosia Flower Farm Cebu
I heard the farmers started harvesting a couple of days ago. They grow flowers for all souls and all saints day or sinulog. On other months they would plant vegetables.

I'm getting lots of questions on how to get to Celosia Flower Farm. I'm not sure what's the best day to visit or when it'll not be crowded cos even on weekdays, lots of tourist are flocking there.

So how to get there? You could either take your own vehicle or ride a habal-habal from JY Square and take the road towards Busay, travel time is approximately 30 minutes. We paid 200 pesos per head for the round trip, your driver will wait for you outside the farm. Some drivers might charge you more or lesser than that, depending on your haggling skills.

You can take as many photos as you can, just pay 20 pesos at the entrance and get a dozen of celosia flowers for only 20-35 pesos. Hope the tourists would be more careful not to step on the flowers to preserve its bloom and avoid throwing garbage everywhere, it would cause too much hassle to the flower farmers.

So when are you planning to visit Cebu's mini Amsterdam?

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